No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Blue - 2 Heads 4-10 Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Blue - 2 Heads 4-10 Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Blue - 2 Heads 10+ Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Pink - 2 Heads 4-10 Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Pink - 2 Heads 10+ Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Blue - 6 Heads 4-10 Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Blue - 6 Heads 10+ Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Pink - 6 Heads 4-10 Years
No-Fuss Brush No Fuss Brush Pink - 6 Heads 10+ Years

No-Fuss Brush - Kids Sonic Toothbrush for Braces



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Cleaning Braces Doesn't Have to Feel Like Pulling Teeth...

Amongst the mountain of key skills parents need to teach their children, proper dental hygiene can be a particularly stressful task.

When you add a mouthful of painful and hard to clean metal brackets to the mix you've got a real dilemma! 

In the back of our minds, we all know the consequences of letting poor cleaning habits slide...

Even MORE nasty dental bills, ear-splitting tooth pains, and irreversible cavity damage to your son or daughter's adult smile.

No-Fuss Brush is the world's first USB rechargeable, three-sided sonic toothbrush designed specially to make cleaning braces faster, gentler and more effective for kids!


    • A perfect clean in 60 seconds, without tricky handwork.
    • Less hassle at teeth time (kids love gadgets!)
    • No nasty surprises at your child's next dental checkup.
    • Peace of mind knowing their teeth are getting a full clean every time.
    • Kids who grow into confident adults with great smiles.
    • Turn your children into independent brushers, freeing up your time for more important tasks.


    • 100% waterproof design.
    • 2 Brush Head Sizes (4-10 years & 10+ years)
    • 15 second quadrant timer.
    • USB rechargeable (charger included). 
    • Dentist recommended 3-sided head design.
    • 5 levels of sonic vibration to allow gradual adjustment for sensitive mouths.
    • Rubberised child-sized brush head to prevent gum bumps and scrapes.
    • 90 Day Risk Free Trial + 6 month warranty included.


    No-Fuss Brush's unique U-shaped patented design takes the guesswork out of a proper clean, scrubbing all surfaces at once!

    Vibrating at up to 32,000 times per minute and positioned at the dentist recommended 45 degree angle, No-Fuss Brush is tough on plaque but gentle on gums.

    The result?

    In 60 seconds your child's teeth AND brackets will be dentist clean! No fancy handwork needed. 


    There's a BIG difference between the mouth of a 4 year old and a 13 year old, so we've developed two brush head sizes

    Our blue heads are designed to fit the little mouths of 4-10 year old children and use twenty-two bristle clusters.

    After 10 yrs, we recommend upsizing your child to our yellow heads, which use thirty-four bristle clusters to provide the same level of cleaning for larger teeth and mouths.

    Ensure your child is getting the best possible clean with No-Fuss Brush's specialised brush heads!


    When you increase the surface area for plaque to build up, worrisome thoughts of horror dental fees come to reside in any sane parent's mind. With fillings starting at $90 each, a mouth full of cavities can easily run up a dizzying bill.

    Take it from Leanne, TX:

    "My dentist charges $170 for a 2-surface filling on an elementary aged child. Total bill for 9 cavities and 6 sealants is $1900. The teeth needed to be fixed so I had no choice. It is no wonder people don't take their kids for proper dental care!"

    With No-Fuss Brush's foolproof design, as long your child is getting the brush in for a quick once over, you'll be sleeping without those nagging thoughts!


    Aside from the financial sting, it's heart-wrenching for any parent to see their child in the chair, dental drill whizzing in mouth. At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to ensure they're keeping their teeth clean.

    Do your part as a great parent to keep them away from the pains of the dentist's chair, allowing them to keep doing things they love most.


    We can rattle on about the amazing features and benefits of our brush, but we know you'd rather hear the success stories from parents just like you!

    By John Trimble

    This toothbrush is amazing!

    My son, as most boys, is lazy about brushing and this eases my mind about how clean his teeth are.

    Does a fantastic job, per his dentist!

    By Linda Jamieson

    My daughter (11 y/o) got her braces on just over two months ago and she HATED them. 

    They hurt her teeth so she started to stop cleaning properly, which FREAKED me out. I'd forked out too much money for that... 

    I saw this on Facebook and got one for all three of my kids and it's helped each of them to clean better according to their dentist!!

    By Kaylee Matthews

    My son has always been bad at brushing, so when his braces went on I knew he wouldn't get any better...

    Got one of these (10 day shipping to California) and he loves it. Such a relief for me knowing that he's keeping all that metal clean now.

    See below for more reviews just like these!


    We are so confident that our brush will make a meaningful impact in the lives of you and your children that each No-Fuss Brush comes with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    You heard that right... A toothbrush with a 90 day risk free trial! 

    Try it for at least 30 days and if you're not thrilled, simply return it for a full refund of every penny you paid.

    We understand that some children may not take to it as swiftly as others, so we want you to be comfortable handing over your hard earned money by making it a zero-risk purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get yours today!

    Your kids teeth are waiting! If No-Fuss Brush prevents just one filling, you're saving upwards of $50, but as we all know, one cavity often means a mouthful... You're also saving them from a potentially traumatic trip to the dentist.

    Gets yours today by following these steps:

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    • Get your kids brushing the right way, every time!

    No-Fuss Brush is available worldwide!

    However, due to high demand and the saddening circumstances currently taking place worldwide with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our delivery service is currently experiencing slight delays.

    Our first priority is the safety of our customers and employees. The installation of new measures including restricted workers in our facilities to help reduce the spread of this virus means orders will take 3-5 weeks via our FREE standard shipping and 8-15 business days via our Express Insured Shipping (UK & USA only).

    We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your understanding during this time.

    Stay healthy and stay safe - Lisa, CEO No-Fuss Brush 💙

    Each No-Fuss Brush purchase comes with:

    • No-Fuss Brush Rechargeable Toothbrush.
    • 2/6 replacement U-shaped heads.
    • USB recharging cord, compatible with any regular wall socket.
    • A household of bigger and brighter smiles!

    Each No-Fuss Brush comes with a 6 month warranty. This covers any issues that arise during regular use of the toothbrush. 

    Sadly, we cannot replace your No-Fuss Brush if it has been used as a chew toy for your dog...